How much?


I already have a website –  why should I have this?

If you are pleased with your website, hold on to it.  However, keep in mind that people view your site only if they know about it – or do a Google search for your name.  On BuffaloArtWall, you appear with other artists and as a member of the larger arts community. You can still link to your personal site and benefit from the investment you have made in it.

I'm on Facebook -  why should I be here?

Facebook is a handy tool for keeping in touch with friends and family.  However, your Facebook page is one of many – over a billion, in fact.  Most of the time, it will be seen only by your immediate circle or someone who happens to do a 'Facebook search' for your name. 

Can I use this instead of having a gallery?

We are not a replacement for your gallery.  Your relationship with a professional gallerist will serve you in countless ways.  Hold on to your gallery affiliation and use BuffaloArtWall to reach more art collectors and enthusiasts.           

I'm in the Buffalo Society of Artists - isn't that enough?

Membership in the Buffalo Society of Artists is an achievement to be proud of and to hold on to.  Just remember that many people - especially out-of-town collectors – do not know about the group.  Furthermore, your entry on the Society web page does not offer the same options for display and personal promotion.  

I own an art gallery.  Can I place my artists' work on BuffaloArtWall?

Yes, commercial galleries, public display venues and college art departments can place the work of individual artists on the site, by pre-arrangement (see the Terms of Service).

How do I post my art to the site?

Photograph your art with a digital SLR camera, preferably mounted on a tripod.  If you have a steady hand or a Gorilla Grip device, you may be able to use an iPhone.   If you plan any alterations, we recommend that you use PhotoShop Elements, iPhoto or a similar program.  A file size of 500kb to 1mb is sufficient.  Using the Get Started utility, drag-and-drop the finished jpeg images from your desktop into your BuffaloArtWall gallery.  You are also welcome to send the images to us; we will load them into your new account.


What if I don’t have a camera – or am not that good at photography?

We can recommend several photographers.  It's better to pay and get it right than to put up pictures you are not satisfied with.  If you are photographing sculpture, 3-dimensional assemblage, oil paintings or anything with texture, professional photography is recommended.   

Do I give up any ownership by putting art on your site?

No.  You retain full ownership and copyright to your work.  Furthermore, we do not keep copies for archival purposes. 

How often can I change my pictures, notes and text?

As often as you like.  You can add or delete pictures and other information, at will.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

Use our contact form or call us.  All members -  artists and/or their participating galleries - have the site owner's phone number.   

What if I try BuffaloArtWall but don’t like it?

You can end your BuffaloArtWall membership at any time.