About Buffalo Art Wall

What’s BuffaloArtWall?

We provide an online display platform for contemporary artists in Buffalo, NY.  Your personal gallery is announced by a sample of your art.  When the viewer rolls a cursor over your art, your name appears below; with one click, he or she enters your gallery.  We offer display only; we do not sell your art.  Viewers can contact you or your gallery for purchase.  The site is owned by RiverNet, LLC and was built by Ingenious, Inc.            

How much?

Membership is FREE because BuffaloArtWall is new and we want to showcase the best of Buffalo – especially new artists who may not be known to the public.

What do I get?


Your presence on BuffaloArtWall indicates that you are a recognized artist and a  member of the Buffalo arts community.


Your images are write-protected and cannot be copied or pasted by the viewer.  They are displayed in a tasteful graphic environment with a neutral color scheme and no pop-ups or other distractions.  Each artist is represented by a single image of approximately equal size.  BuffaloArtWall is egalitarian in that each artist -  whether a 'well-known name' or a newcomer -  receives equal space on the main page.  BuffaloArtWall was created by the same designers who serve the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Buffalo Society of Artists, among others.                     


Like any website, BuffaloArtWall will attract visitors and recognition over time.  We will be using Twitter and other social media to build awareness in Buffalo and in the larger arts community.  


Creation is satisfying but can be solitary.  Any artist who claims to be indifferent to the company and support of other artists is only fooling himself or herself.  You appear with other Buffalo artists, many of them highly-accomplished and well-known. 

What kind of artists are here?

Our definition of visual art is broad and inclusive.  We welcome painters, printmakers, sculptors, graphic artists, book designers, illustrators, fine art photographers, creators of 3-D art and assemblage, architectural artists, theatrical designers and film and video animators.                              

What if I have a problem with my gallery? 

Fill out the contact form and we will reply promptly.  Furthermore, all members (artists or their participating galleries) have the phone number of the site owner.           

Ready to post your art on BuffaloArtWall?

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