Tom Coyne


Artist Statement

   Vasarely once said,”Every form is a base for color and every color is the attribute to form”.
   I have spent the better part of my life re-arranging the world I see around me. This in itself is no revelation to anyone who has ever put forth the effort in presenting their own views or beliefs by way of the arts. Whether the eye of the viewer ingests this essence of self or not, does not mean my work does not reach across to, said viewer. Believe in yourself and never try to convince others. I paint because I have no other skills. I found I could say things with color that I could not say any other way, things I had no words for. It’s not so much an obsession as it is an inescapable desire to paint.
   In the end I feel the world is steadily slipping into an abyss, a new world order where I have no place. Painting is a passion. Art is my karma. All of life’s frustrations and illusions are washed away when I uncap a tube. A bit of my psyche goes into every piece I produce.
   In an increasingly dark and unsure future, painting, is, in a way, the only avenue I have to let the rest of humanity know, I was here.    

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