Thomas Kegler

"Der typograf" 14x18, oil on linen

Artist Statement

“Poetry of Place” The humility that I am bestowed when immersed in nature is my muse. She provides an infinite supply of beauty – the challenge is making a decision on what “beautiful” visual experience moves me, and then to portray it in an emotional visual statement. What elevates technical adeptness to artistry is poetry - evoking a sublime emotion. My goal is to get to know my subject on an intimate level and bring this investigation to the viewer in the form of an evocative work of art. When I am studying a maple tree in the field for instance, I want my work to pay homage to that specific tree – not to all maples in general. I need to explore what made the tree grow into its unique shapes – the light, its surroundings, the weather, the soil, its environment. I investigate what I am seeing in order to “understand” what I am painting with an anatomical sensibility. The many hours and days spent interacting with my subjects have opened my eyes to subtleties such as intricate color and value shifts, and beauty in the overlooked. I strive to emphasize the important elements of my inspiration and simplify the surroundings. Essentially, distilling what is before me into the essence of the experience, as opposed to rote copying, or simply capturing the “impression” of the moment. My work is a manifestation of my love of the outdoors and nature. Nature itself has been the most humbling instructor. The sounds, smells, and tactile qualities that I experience while in field cannot help but be infused in the work. I strive to impart a universal quality that makes the viewer feel he has been there and can relate to the image. I hope my work is able to share my interactions with the viewer, while at the same time bringing an awareness and respect for God’s creations and their temporal qualities.” With Humility comes Wisdom” - Proverbs 11:2

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