Susan Copley

First Edition

Artist Statement

I am most interested in the sense of a landscape, with an emphasis on color, light, shadow, texture and pattern.  These elements relate to the qualities found in nature, without suggesting a specific time or place.  My images are a visual metaphor for the natural environment within the context of abstraction and geometric shapes.

My paintings represent changes in color relationships, light and dark patterns and the application of multiple lines to define each area.  I use acrylic paint on canvas and oil pastels over acrylic paint.  I experiment with materials, and combine them in different ways.

The strong contrast of light and dark colors juxtaposed against one another adds excitement to the painting.  I contrast iridescent bands of paint over darker colors which adds a glow to the work, a sense of vitality to each painting and rich depth to my images. 

Susan Copley’s paintings are available now at Dana Tillou Fine Arts (click below).




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