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Kelsey Merkle is an artist and illustrator born and raised in Clarence NY, where she currently lives and works.
Merkle grew up admiring her grandmother, June Pearl, who was a talented artist in her own right. From an early age, Pearl saw an artistic spark in her granddaughter and enrolled her in private classes as soon as she was eligible at the age of seven. Merkle pursued the study of art at Sheridan College, one of the top art schools in North America. Merkle holds an Associates in Visual and Creative Arts and a Bachelors degree in Illustration, both of which she graduated from top of her class. She was also invited to study Italian Art and Culture in Italy during the summer of her junior year of Illustration. Since 2010 Merkle has been professionally displaying at various art galleries and events in the US and abroad.
Merkle is primarily a portrait painter, but she works in a wide variety of media, styles, and subject matter. She often blends multiple medias and techniques saying, “How do you know what you like to do unless you try a bit of everything?”

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