Kayla L Prigg

Robert, oil on wood, 6 x 7.5in

Artist Statement

Kayla L Prigg is a fine artist based in Buffalo New York. Most of her work has focused on emotional topics such as family, bullying, and time/ memories. “I like to paint about things that are relatable and yet distant.” She also likes to paint about things that might not be thought about often (distant) but are extremely important in changing the way we view others (including all living things) and how we view ourselves. Kayla studied for her BFA at SUNY Fredonia where she had the opportunity to be taught by great artists, Alberto Rey and Raymond Bonilla.

Kayla has exhibited work at SUNY Fredonia in 2019 in the WM’s Exhibition, in 2020 in The Show: Visions, and in 2021 at the Emmitt Christian Gallery in FREAK/ Perceptions. In 2020 she also participated at HallWalls Contemporary Art Center for their 46th Annual Members Exhibition in Buffalo NY. Her work is also currently showcased in a few online galleries including the Buffalo Art Wall, The Vacant Museum, and Light Space Time.

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