Kathryn Muranyi


Artist Statement

I have been making art all my life. It has not been a hobby or an interest, it is simply something I need to do. My art is an effort to share moments, even fleeting seconds in time. Past, present, future and at times a place I know exists, but am not able to grasp in any concrete way, but that takes on life through the mediums of paint and found objects. I hope to bring a sense of this travel through time and space to others. After a life long interest in creating art, I had the privilege of being mentored by an internationally known local artist for the past eight years. I began showing my work five years ago. I have had three paintings curated into the Roswell Park permanent collection, a solo exhibit at Sisti Gallery North in August 2018. I was accepted into the BSA last year and am now on the board. I have exhibited with BSA, WYNAG and Hallwalls. This summer I placed first in the 247Art Gallery exhibit "Elements". I truly enjoy sharing my work.

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