Dave Jeffers

Artist Statement

Whatever Dave creates glows with its own incredible luminous light. His art is all about creating the world he wants to live in.  You see, as a child Dave came from a place of severe abuse and pain.  He used art as a way of escaping and making for himself a perfect world. So there you have it in a nutshell.  He’s been creating this world for the past 30+ years now with no end in sight. That’s a great thing because it allows others to see this world and enjoy.  You’ll see that no matter the subject matter it still is stamped with Dave’s signature glow and luminosity.  His colors and tones are infectious and full of life..  He was denied a whole lot of joy early in life but he’s making up for it now.  Others say that his works reach out to them somehow.  It’s Dave’s wish that others feel him reaching out and infecting them with joy.

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