Connie Garver

Green Woman

Artist Statement

Painter, Poet, Stained Glass

I’ve been artist since I picked up my first periwinkle Crayola.  I believe artists are ‘uniquely’ tuned into life.  Whether it’s the wonders of nature, the shadows at dusk or the vibrant colors in a spring day, as an artist I seek to express what I see and feel.  Long ago I had more than 6 years of fine art ‘realism’ instruction.  Then my art wandered off into the semi-realism and whimsical realm where I happily reside.

Fine Art – Stained Glass and much more.

I can be reached @ (716) 381-1471 or at the NACC @ (716) 285-7540.  I exhibit with River Art Gallery and Gifts @ (716) 260-1497.  You may also send me an e-mail with the Contact Artist link. 

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